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About Me

I have been a holistic healing arts practitioner for 25 years and I bring a grounded, compassionate presence to my work as a body-mind therapist and bodyworker. I am a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Cornell College, where I majored in Spanish, Women's Studies, and Latin American Studies.  I love learning and have been engaged in two courses recently: Somatic Attachment Therapy via https://www.theembodylab.com/ and Relational Skills for Trauma via https://www.somatopia.com/ I am a licensed psychotherapist, licensed massage therapist, and facilitator of mindfulness-based movement practices. I am also an Access Consciousness BARS energy work practitioner.

I am bilingual, with Spanish as a second language. I provide a safe space for the LGBTQI+ community. 

Please contact me directly by texting me at: 970-578-0022, or emailing me at: jennifer@jenniferEPeck.com to explore how I can best serve your needs. 

While the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be nearing an end, my counseling practice is still limited to Zoom and telephone calls. I also see clients through a virtual platform provided by https://www.sondermind.com. For bodywork sessions, following the guidelines and laws set forth by the State of Colorado and the licensing board, I have a couple of options for you! With advance notice (3 days), I can secure massage office space in Boulder or Longmont, Colorado. I am also available to provide sessions in the safety and privacy of your own home or office space. 

Since 2017, I have become more aware and educated about people with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). In my resources section, I have provided some links about that condition.