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Providing Mindfulness-based Life Coaching, Psychotherapy, and Transformative Body/Energy work for the sake of healthy bodies, minds, and spirits. 

I have recently been on a brief sabbatical as I have been recovering from a bad car accident. I have learned a lot in my time away from my private practice, and I am eager to provide others with more information and techniques on recovering and recuperating from post-traumatic stress disorder. 

I have been a holistic practitioner since 1997, bringing a grounded loving presence to my work as a transformative body-mind life coach, therapist, and bodyworker.  I am a licensed psychotherapist, certified massage therapist, and facilitator of mindfulness-based meditation, awareness, and movement practices. I also offer Intuitive Energy Work, Access Consciousness BARS and Body Process sessions.

Please contact me directly to explore how I can best serve your needs.